matusalem rum: cup of tea cocktail recipe

Cup of Tea Cocktail Recipe

Pretty sure you have heard of the good properties of Kombucha tea. Dare you to enjoy this classic reinterpretation, changing tea for this exotic ingredient and combined with Matusalem Platino.

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Pioneers by Matusalem


By Erik Lorincz

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 (*), Coconut water, Pedro Ximénez and vinegary coconut chips.

(*) We filter each bottle with 100 gr of ground coffee with the help of a filter.


By Antonio Lai

Matusalem Platino, Clarified Coffee Liqueur, Hong Kong Made Pandan Reduction & Black Walnut Bitters.

Old Fashioned Negroni

By Francesco Angotti

Matusalem Solera 23, Vermouth Rosso, Chinotto, Cascarilla & Gentian Root.

El Camino

By Andrea Fiore

Matusalem Solera 23, Palo Cortado sherry, Amaro Montenegro infused with coffee, cacao bitters

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