A nod to this Golden Age



The story of Matusalem began in Santiago de Cuba 1872. Two brothers originally from Spain, Eduardo and Benjamin Camp, combined their expert knowledge of distillation and blending of sherry and brandy to create a secret formula for producing rum of exceptional smoothness and refinement. This became known as the Solera Process. Soon thereafter Claudio Alvarez LeFebre would lead the company was beginning of an era for a new class of rum.



When alcoholic spirits were banned in America durning Prohibition, Cuba became the tourist destination of choice for “thirsty” Americans. This was the height of Cuba’s Golden Age and the most sought-after premium brand of the time was Matusalem. Led by third generation Claudio Alvarez Soriano, this became a period of temendous growth for the brand and by the early 1950s, the Alvarez family had captured 50% of the lucrative Cuban rum market. It was their unique process and exceptional taste that made them the spirit of choice.



In the midst of Matusalem’s success, the Castro regime came into power and confiscated the Alvarez properties and the family was forced to leave the island and begin a new. After relocating to Florida in 1960, the family began the process of rebuilding their brand and reintroducing themselves to the market. Soon Matusalem began to be recognized around the world for its fine quality and became know as the cognac of rums winning countless awards for its superior taste.


Guided by fouth and fifty,h generation Alvarez Family, Matusalem continues to craft its legendary rum in the Domincan Republic due to it’s similar climate and landscape as Cuba. In 2015, the creation of a new state-of-the-art distilling facility was completed where the families secret recipe is still used to blend the perfect glass of rum. Our highly trained staff along with the expert pallate of our taste masters ensure that each variety is exquisite down to the last drop. Just one sip and you will be transported back to the golden age of rum and the island that once stirred the spirit.

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