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The great Matusalem’s contribution to the rum industry was to be the pioneers in the use of the Solera system to the art of aging rum, with its iconic Gran Reserva Solera 15 being the first launch back in 1872.

All of this was just the beginning, as our barrels are home of profound rums, ideal for drinking alone or making exquisite cocktails with premium rum, which we invite you to discover.

Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 23

Gran Reserva 23 is Matusalem's premium expression of Solera aged rum and adored for its delightful smoothness, well balanced with traces of honey, vanilla and molasses with a spiced and lasting finish.

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 has won seven awards for its innovation and excellence. The most recent, Silver to Extra Aged Rum at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020.

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23, Super Premium Aged Rum for Sophisticated Palates.

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Matusalem Rum Solera 7

Solera 7 is renowned for its excellent quality and traditional Cuban style and rum heritage.
A golden rum with exceptional smoothness and a pronounced endnote of caramel, banana, vanilla and maple syrup. It enters the palate very softly, with a lush finish.

Matusalem Solera 7, Exceptionally Versatile Golden Rum, ideal for cocktails or neat.

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Matusalem Rum Insolito

A pioneering rum inspired by Provence rosé wines. A buttery finish with hints of toasted bread and red fruits in harmony with wine tannins' remnants. This unique flavour profile makes it rum connoisseurs will love, and that non-rum drinkers will love to try.

Matusalem Insolito, World's First Rosé Aged Rum.

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Matusalem Rum Clásico

Matusalem Clásico has a dark honey colour and works harmoniously on both the sweet and bitter side. Coffee, toffee, caramel, vanilla and coconut notes are tied together with the seductive aroma of fresh molasses. Ideal for sipping neat, also perfect for adding an extra dimension to your favourite cocktails.

Matusalem Clásico offers a high quality rum, with exceptional softness, reflecting the flavour of the exotic Carribean islands.

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Matusalem Rum Añejo

Aged rum is a golden blend of the tastiest aged rums. With great character and ideal for new, classic and artisanal cocktail combinations. Its jovial, refreshing and with a lot of personality. Añejo is known for its vanilla, dried fruits, and honey notes complemented with the delicate aroma of caramelized molasses.

Matusalem Añejo Rum perfectly captures the style and heritage of Cuban rums.

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Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 18

An exclusive mix of rums aged in ex Bourbon American oak barrels. Its distinctive visual coopery hints create an exotic visual experience, while in palate you will find a sophisticated woody bouquet with delicious notes of chocolate & nuts.

* Available only in USA, Canada and Mexico

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