Welcome to the Matusalem family

Matusalem’s contribution to the rum industry is as a pioneers of the the Solera system, when the iconic Solera 15 blender originated back in 1872.
Since then, the recipe has been unaltered from generation to generation. All of this was just the beginning, as our barrels are home of profound rums we invite you to discover.

Gran Reserva 23

Designed to challenge the most sophisticated palates, Grand Reserva 23 is one of the biggest honors of the family. Let yourself go and explore the astonishing foodpairing combinations, its sophisticated flavor and as a legendary tool in classic cocktails with a twist.

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gran reserva 23 matusalem rum

Solera 7

Tradition and Cuban spirit aged in a 7 years Solera, offering an extremely creamy rum, with generous vanilla touches, maple syrup and, once more, exceptional versatility.

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7 matusalem rum


Get inspired by our vintage 8,000 bottles limited edition includes our best rums, aged in ex tempranillo Solera barrels and mixed with our iconic Gran Reserva 15 Solera.

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insolito matusalem rum


Don’t let its name fool you. Elaborated with selected aged rums in an average of 10 years Solera, Matusalem Clásico offers a high quality rum, with exceptional softness.

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clasico matusalem rum


Delightful refined rum, with a great character, perfect to mix. Its flavor and softness will attract rum lovers. And those who don’t know it yet.

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anejo matusalem rum

Gran Reserva 18

An exclusive mix of rums aged in ex Bourbon American oak barrels. Its distinctive visual coopery hints create an exotic visual experience, while in palate you will find a sophisticated woody bouquet with delicious notes of chocolate & nuts.

* Available only in USA, Canada and Mexico

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gran reserva 18 matusalem rum