matusalem rum: G&M cocktail recipe

G&M Cocktail Recipe

A cocktail that will stimulate all your senses and with which you can enjoy the Matusalem Rum Platino in all its splendor.


  • 50 ml. of Matusalem Rum Platino
  • 200 ml. Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic
  • Couple droplets of bitters mature flavors
  • Smoked bubble gun
  • Ice chunk
  • Garnish: dehydrated banana
  • Vessel recommendation: Fantasy glass

1. Freeze the glass and serve the ingredients

Serve the first three ingredients in a mixer or shaker. Add the ice chunk and cool it stirring it softly with a spoon. 
Ice. g&m ingredients

2. Decorate

Add the content in the glass, leaving the ice out to avoid the cocktail to melt. Add the recommended garnish. 
garnish. G&M ingredients

3. Create the smoked bubble

Finally, make the smoked bubble carefully so it doesn’t explode and place it in the mouth of the glass to create a perfect pairing between taste and flavor. 
matusalem rum: G&M cocktail recipe
Get inspired with this sophisticated Gin & Tonic version, applying high cuisine techniques. 
matusalem rum: G&M cocktail recipe