matusalem rum: soda colada cocktail recipe

Soda Colada Cocktail Recipe

In recent years, Tiki culture & cocktail bar is back at the forefront. Matusalem Rum presents its refined version with Soda Colada.


  • 40 ml. Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 23
  • 40 ml. coconut water
  • 40 ml. pineapple juice
  • Classic soda siphon
  • Crushed ice
  • Garnish: dehydrated pineapple and wild hibiscus.
  • Vessel recommendation: Libbey pineapple glass

1. Drop the ingredients into the siphon

Drop all the ingredients into the siphon.
matusalem rum: soda colada cocktail recipe

2. Fill with piña colada

With the classic soda siphon, give it a bubbly touch to the piña colada, filling it ¾.
classic soda siphon. soda colada ingredients

3. Add ice and decorate with dehydrated pineapple

Add Crash Ice and garnish with the dehydrated pineapple or, otherwise, natural pineapple and the wild hibiscus.
dehydrated pineapple. soda colada ingredients
The original ingredients, but a different technique, piña colada becomes a soft and bubbly cocktail. For special events, change soda for champagne. 
soda colada cocktail recipe