spritzolito cocktail


Spritz’s lovers, get ready for this incredible version.


  • 50 ml. Matusalem Insolito - Wine Cask -
  • 50 ml. Prosecco
  • 200 ml. Cherry, red berries or hibiscus tonic.
  • 4 ice cubes
  • Garnish: 3 blueberries
  • Vessel recommendation: Burgundy wine glass

1. Drop the Matusalem Insólito

Drop the ice cubes in the glass and add the Matusalem Insólito. 
spritzolito ingredients

2. Add the tonic and Prosecco

Top tup with the tonic and prosecco to fill the glass. With the help of a mixing tea spoon, stir lightly to integrate the ingredients.
spritzolito ingredients

3. Add the blueberries

Add the blueberries and enjoy the full experience when you taste them infused at the end of the drink. 
blueberries. spritzolito ingredients
The ideal combination to enjoy the summer months with low alcohol content and a sophisticated palate.  
spritzolito cocktail recipe