Tribu Ron Matusalem: Diseño de botella por Carla Fuentes


Illustrator Carla Fuentes recreates the label on the Matusalem bottle

Campaña Tribu Ron Matusalem: Carla Fuentes Carla Fuentes & Campaña Tribu Ron Matusalem Botella Ron Matusalem diseñada por Carla Fuentes Ilustradora Carla Fuentes & Ron Matusalem
If you had to describe yourself to someone that doesn’t know you, what would you say?

My name is Carla Fuentes, I am and an illustrator and painter. In general terms, I would say that I sketch and paint scenes of everyday life. 

What is your creative process like? Do you follow any routine?

I expect it is the same routine as any other creator; first an idea comes to mind, just a fleeting image, then you quickly try to recreate that mental image on paper, a sketch. Then you think about the best technique and format to use and you execute it or you try convert your mental idea into a physical one. There will be changes, or many changes, during this process. Therefore, the result is always unexpected. 

Was art a vocation for you, or was it unexpected?

I have always dedicated a great deal of time to art, even as a child. It is not my only vocation however, I am, at the moment, able to make a living doing what I love the most, which is drawing. 

What are your sources of inspiration?

I find inspiration in many sources and contemporary artists; animation, comic, magazines, museums, fashion, food… you can find inspiration everywhere. 

Is Art inspired by Art or by real life?

For me, by real life. 

How do you enjoy life? Do you have great aspirations or do you enjoy the smaller things in life?

I don’t have great aspirations. I set myself modest goals in this regard. I set myself achievable and short-term goals. 

What other artists have influenced your artwork?

Contemporary artists specialising in plastic arts such as Eduardo Arroyo or Elizabeth Peyton. 

Should art be in museums or is it better for it to be on the streets for all to enjoy?

Everywhere, museums, streets and wherever is best. Art can be seen and enjoyed differently in each space. 

What inspired you to create the Matusalem label?

The feeling of being able to enjoy a good drink anywhere in the world. In good company or alone. In the streets of Cuba and the freedom that comes with travel. 

Can art also be present in a bottle?

It should be, always. 

What are the flavours of Art for you?

Those known as Umami. Those that taste of wood, soil, moisture… 

What made you accept the Matusalem challenge to reinterpret its label?

I think it is so lovely to apply art or illustration to more unusual contexts, such as bottles of rum. It is becoming increasingly popular, but it is still something that impresses me each time I see them. 

Matusalem is a brand that has achieved success by remaining loyal to its ideals and reinventing itself over time. What are the values that never change in you?

I don’t know whether it is a value, but persistence. 

For you, when is the best moment to enjoy a cocktail?

There are various moments… one of my favourite moments is during after-dinner chats. And having a friend that knows how to make them. And another is enjoying a cocktail in a very special place, such as when you are travelling, in good company. 

Which Matusalem cocktail inspires you the most?

I am looking forward to trying the Butter tea and punch. Butter, rum and chocolate… how mad is that???? 


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