Ron Matusalem breaks with the established through the character of Gonzalo Fuenmayor

The international artist has been commissioned to create a Limited Edition that alludes to the visionary spirit of this charismatic super-premium rum. 

In the constant search for excellence, Matusalem Rum has unveiled Gran Reserva 15 Limited Edition 2021 by Gonzalo Fuenmayor. And it is that Matusalem is a pioneer of good taste since its creation in 1872. A timeless classic that inspires the senses and has become the claim of lovers of sophistication. 

Matusalem has known how to differentiate itself and be part of history, leaving its mark on the most demanding palates who seek something more than quality. A rum that leaves no one indifferent, much less through the Limited Edition created by Gonzalo Fuenmayor, which reflects Latin exoticism differently. 

Quite a challenge for an artist who is not scared of anything and who always seeks to go one step further in his work.  The author has felt an immense affinity between his own life and the story of Matusalem. As the rum, the artist is endowed with an independent and cosmopolitan character. Fuenmayor always reflects new cultures and territories. 

 In his nearly two-decade career, this artist has touched on topics ranging from cultural colonization, dislocation, and hybridization to identity politics. In 2004, he received his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and in 2018, he won the Oolite Miami Awards. To this day, his career is more than consolidated, being one of the artists exhibiting at the Boston Art Museum. 


“In the bottle of Rum Matusalem there are stories from the past, present, and future,” says Gonzalo Fuenmayor. All a declaration of intentions that are present throughout the label of the Limited Edition, in which it reveals the history of the Caribbean in a disruptive way, full of sensuality. 

A simple glance is enough to discover the freedom that the artist has felt when creating his painting. The work shows a self-portrait made in charcoal, in which the artist appears using a conch shell as if they were binoculars. This gesture draws the attention of the viewer from the first moment since normally, these elements are put in the ear to listen to the sound of the sea. 

Through the shells and the symbolism that Fuenmayor captures in his work, this Limited Edition of Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 refers to the roots of Matusalem, a rum from the Caribbean sea. Since it is born in Cuba but is made in the Dominican Republic. Looking through it shows a vision into the future, the same one that the creators of Ron Matusalem had when they used a secret formula that has become the key to their success. 

The artist’s signature appears on another label at the bottom of the front of the bottle and is reminiscent of the Hollywood film industry, which is so present some of his works. The perfect closure for a Limited Edition that seeks to transcend time and that will undoubtedly do so. 

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